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Table of Contents


Historical Context

Queries and Responses


  1. The Alkaline Reserve or Progress Diet

  2. Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

  3. Dietary Supplements

  4. Cleansing Procedures






This document outlines an introductory self-improvement regimen designed for home use. 

This document solely presents the regimen. The rationale behind the recommendations is expounded in the reference articles. It caters to adults, with modifications suggested for children and expectant or lactating mothers.

A more potent, supervised healing program is also available, elaborated later in this article.

Historical Context

The inception of the self-improvement regimen dates back around 50 years. It amalgamates recent insights from nutrition and various healing sciences.

Queries and Responses

  1. Why is the program so effective? It incorporates decades of research using HTMA’s from thousands of patients. 

  2. What does the program entail? The regimen encompasses four components:

a) A specific diet (avoid combining with other diets) b) A healthful lifestyle with ample rest c) Seven nutritional supplements – exclusively those specified, not other vitamins, minerals, or herbs. Prescription medication can be continued. d) Several potent detoxification procedures

The diet, especially the alkaline, gluten-free, omnivorous aspect, serves as the starting point. Omitting the diet compromises the effectiveness of the program.

  1. Does everyone experience improvement? No, but numerous individuals benefit from the initial program. The complete program, personalized and supervised, is more potent. Nevertheless, many appreciate commencing on their own, hence this offered program.

  2. What are the costs involved? The expenses are modest. You’ll need to procure the correct food, preferably the nutritional supplements, and spring water. If incorporating the healing procedures, there’s a minimal additional cost.

While the free program reduces the initial expense it may not be inherently more economical than the supervised program. Helpers supervising the full program often provide discounts on nutritional supplements, potentially offsetting the consultation and testing fees over six months.


NOTE: Adjustments for children, mothers-to-be, and during breastfeeding are elucidated later in this section.


Fundamentals of the diet:

  1. Initiate each meal with a small portion (4-5 ounces or 110-140 grams) of one or perhaps two protein foods. Recommended proteins include sardines, chicken, turkey, lamb, a small amount of natural or organic beef, almond butter, sesame tahini, goat cheese, or goat yogurt. Avoid overcooking meats.

Additionally, women can consume up to 6 eggs weekly, and men can consume up to 8 eggs weekly. Cook eggs through soft boiling, poaching, or light frying with runny yolks.

Include 2 tablespoons daily of roasted almond butter, 2 tablespoons daily of roasted sesame tahini, and one teaspoon daily of nutritional yeast. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on vegetables or other foods.

AVOID pig products, shellfish, fish (except sardines), most processed meats, vegetarian diets, protein bars, protein powders, and smoothies.

  1. Consume 1-3 cups of cooked (not raw) vegetables. Preferable vegetables include onions, shallots, leaks, green onions or scallions, carrots, green beans, daikon radish, red cabbage, brocollini, and small amounts of celery, garlic, ginger, and horse radish.

Combine 10 or more types of vegetables in each meal, cooked with water using pressure-cooking for about 2 minutes or steaming. Avoid green drinks and vegetable juices, except for 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily if desired. Fresh vegetables are preferable; canned vegetables are acceptable if fresh ones are unavailable. Frozen vegetables should be avoided.

  1. Include approximately 8 to 10 blue corn tortilla chips, favoring brands like Garden Of Eatin No Added Salt and Late July Blue Corn Dippers. Abstain from other chips and use other grains sparingly, avoiding wheat or bread.

AVOID fruit, sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut products, soda pop, fruit juices, and most milk. Also, steer clear of sweetened foods such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, pastries, and many breads.

  1. Use sea salt with all meals, preferably Hawaiian Bamboo Jade or Hain. Moderation in sea salt consumption does not elevate blood pressure or cause other issues. Standard table salt and salt substitutes like potassium chloride are to be avoided.

  2. Adults should consume approximately 96 ounces of spring water or carbon-only or sand-filtered tap water daily. Other beverages should be avoided during meals; instead, drink up to 10 minutes before or an hour after meals.


  1. Simplify life to minimize stress. Seek a secure environment with clean air, peace, and quiet. Engage in work that brings joy, and surround yourself with enjoyable people and things.

  2. Prioritize rest, aiming for 9-10 or more hours of sleep nightly. Retire early, between 8 and 9 PM, for optimal rest. Embrace naps, especially when feeling tired during the healing process.

  3. Gentle exercise is ideal, focusing on activities like walking, hiking, biking, or swimming in natural bodies of water. Avoid swimming pools due to chemical exposure and infections.

  4. Practice deep breathing daily for 15-30 minutes.

  5. Limit sexual fluid loss to once a week or less, adjusting based on energy levels. Embrace Down Sex and Down Hugging for profound healing benefits.

  6. Exposure to sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes daily is beneficial, avoiding prolonged exposure to toxic sunscreen. Minimize and naturalize electromagnetic pollution, favoring wired land telephones over cell phones.

  7. Reduce exposure to toxins in personal care products and the environment. Opt for natural products with minimal chemicals.

  8. Address root canal-filled teeth promptly, as they often harbor hidden infections. Remove root canal-filled teeth, particularly essential for cancer patients.

  9. Replace silver amalgam dental fillings with composite resin fillings. Avoid fluoride treatments and metal braces containing nickel.

  10. Mitigate electromagnetic pollution by using wired land phones instead of cell phones. Turn off electrical devices during sleep and keep them at a distance.

  11. Minimize or avoid medical drugs and most over-the-counter drugs due to potential toxicity. Continue prescription drugs if necessary.


  1. TMG (trimethylglycine) aids in toxic metal removal and more. Dosages are 1000 mg daily for women and up to 3000 mg daily for men. Children over about age 6 can consume a smaller amount.

Reference: TMG

  1. Megapan or a similar multi-mineral/multi-vitamin product from Endomet Laboratories is recommended. Dosages are three tablets daily for adults, with fewer for children over the age of about 6.

  2. Kelp capsules, an excellent source of iodine and minerals, are suggested with caution. Initiate with half a 600 mg capsule daily, gradually increasing. Dosages for adults can go up to 3600 mg daily, with lesser amounts for children.

Reference: Kelp

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for combating inflammation, are best sourced from fish oil. Dosages are approximately 1200 mg daily for adults and less for children. Krill oil is not recommended.

Reference: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  1. Vitamin D3 is vital, with recommended dosages of 4000-5000 iu daily for adults and less for children.

Reference: Vitamin D

  1. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium supplements are advised for everyone. Dosages vary, with most adults needing around 750 mg of calcium, 450 mg of magnesium, 20-30 mg of zinc, and 100-200 mcg of selenium.

Reference: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc And Selenium

  1. A potent digestive aid like GB-3 from Endomet Labs is recommended, with dosages of one to three tablets per meal for adults.


  1. The above supplements are the ONLY ones recommended, unless opting for a complete development program using a hair sample analysis.

  2. NatureMade is a budget-friendly supplement brand that often performs well. Endomet brand supplements are used due to their effectiveness.


These procedures are beneficial for certain health conditions. However, initiation should follow adherence to the diet.

  1. The Pulling Down Procedure, a simple yet powerful mental exercise, is essential for two hours daily. For details, refer to The Pulling Down Procedure.

  2. Spinal twists, pops, pulls, and kicks aid in maintaining spine flexibility and alignment. Perform daily. For details, read The Spinal Twists, Pops, Pulls And Kicks.

  3. Foot and hand reflexology, involving firm pressure on reflex points, provides balance, releases toxins, and enhances relaxation. Perform morning and night for ten minutes per foot.

References: Reflexology, The Foot Chart

  1. Daily exposure of the abdomen to a reddish heat lamp for one hour or use of a red heat lamp sauna for 20-30 minutes is a safe healing and detoxification method. It aids in eliminating toxins and metals over a few years.

Reference: Single Lamp Therapy, Sauna Therapy

  1. 1 to 4 coffee enemas daily are recommended for their potent liver and colon detoxification effects. Though not mandatory, they expedite healing and development.

Reference: Coffee Enemas

  1. The Accelerators are additional healing and detoxification procedures recommended for enhanced development.

Reference: The Accelerators


  1. Adhere strictly to instructions for safety and optimal results. Avoid adding, omitting, or altering any aspects. Do not follow the advice of other health practitioners.

  2. Do not combine this program with other nutrition programs, as it often hampers the development program.

  3. Do not cease prescribed medication upon starting the program. Medication may become unnecessary over time, but this transition may take months.

  4. Gradual weaning off replacement hormones is possible as the program rebuilds glands. It is crucial to the program’s success, especially for thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.

  5. Healing or purification reactions are common during the program, signifying deep healing. Despite initial concerns, these reactions do not indicate deterioration. For more details, refer to Purification Or Healing Reactions.

  6. Development is not a standalone program. It is recommended to contact an Approved Helper for supervision, as a self-guided approach may not be as effective.

Reference: Why Development Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program.


Diet: The diet is applicable to children with adjustments. Those under approximately age 8 to 10 usually require some fat or oil with each meal and fewer grains, cereals, and starches due to faster oxidation.

Supplements: Adjust supplement doses for children based on their weight. Exclude vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, kelp, or TMG for children under age 5.

Procedures: Coffee enemas, saunas, and the pulling down exercise are not recommended for young children. However, a single reddish heat lamp on the abdomen and/or back benefits babies and children. The light must directly contact the skin.

References: The Oxidation Types – Fast, Slow, Mixed and Four Lows, The Baby Manual, Children’s Health.


The  program is deemed excellent for preparation and during pregnancy. Modifications include:

  1. Diet: No alterations are needed. If additional iron is required, consume more red meat and green vegetables.

  2. Supplements: Ensure the intake of at least one Megapan tablet or equivalent during pregnancy for sufficient folic acid, calcium, and other supplementary vitamins.

  3. Detoxification procedures: Limit sauna therapy during pregnancy to approximately 10 minutes on the abdomen and the remainder on the back. Other procedures are safe and beneficial during pregnancy.

No changes are necessary during breastfeeding. Supplement intake is crucial for both mother and baby. Occasionally, a baby may experience colic due to a supplement the mother is taking. Experiment to identify the problematic supplement and adjust intake times relative to feeding.


Upon commencing this program, the next step, if desired, involves a more detailed and personalized regimen. The full program integrates the aforementioned elements with additional food supplements based on hair analysis patterns and precise instructions for detoxification procedures. The hair mineral test may offer further insights for designing a personalized program.