Hello, and thanks for wanting to start this amazing journey in Hair Mineral Analysis. It has not only healed myself, but also many many others. This program that has been refined over 40 years is in my opinion the most comprehensive health program out there

Below are details that you need to follow carefully in order to send your hair off for sampling at Analytical Laboratories. Once the order has gone through I will setup your online portal and you will receive a link in your email. In here you will have access to start the basic program right away. ALSO there is a section in there that you will need to fill out, this is information for myself.

Please go through the below steps carefully. I very much look forward to helping you on your journey.



1. Here is a link to show you how to cut the hair for sampling and how to send it to the lab, please read it carefully in order to cut the sample for the lab.

2225 W. ALICE AVE. P.O.BOX 37964 PHOENIX, AZ 85069-7964


2. Please fill these forms and send it off to the lab with the hair sample. You only need to fill out part two on the order form. You don’t need to worry about filling out any other part.

Order Form


Below is a link to the cost of the program.

Within this cost you will receive,

  • A Hair Test from Analytical Labs
  • Personal Analysis by myself Luke Pryor, a leading expert in hair mineral analysis
  • Personal Skype or Phone call to go over your results, talk about patterns, trends, how to move forward why you are feeling or experiencing your health problems based on our test findings and what program you need to be taking. 
  • A personalized supplementation program
  • Access to our community forum
  • Instant access to your personal HUB to start the program straight away
  • Free email support, personal message support, and short phone calls or Skype calls (under 10 minutes).
  • Access to the free program video series
  • Access to community files such as a recipe book.

Here is a link for the payment, once purchased you will receive access to your HUB. Please ensure you have downloaded the how to cut the hair sample above and downloaded the forms to send off to the lab!